UConn moves into first regular-season AP poll | Reduction

UConn moves into first regular-season AP poll

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PFT’s NFL Morning After: If I had told you on New Year’s Day that 2012 would be the best year of Adrian Peterson’s career, you would have said I was nuts. Well, I may be nuts, but Adrian Peterson is also the best running back in the NFL. Despite an historically awesome crop of competitors, Mike Trout won American League Rookie of the Year honors in a landslide, claiming the top spot on all 28 ballots. Yoenis Cespedes finished second.


Joe Sakic

Overall Sentiment: 0.295504

Relevance: 0.823912

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Adrian Peterson

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Alex Rodriguez

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Mike Trout

Overall Sentiment: 1

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Yoenis Cespedes

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Holiday: New Year’s Day

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Facility: Hockey Hall of Fame

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Organization: Dodgers

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Organization: Rangers

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Organization: Blue Jays

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Organization: Red Sox

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UConn moves into first regular-season AP poll

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STORRS, Conn. (AP) – Connecticut needed just one game to convince voters in The Associated Press poll that the Huskies are still a pretty good basketball team, despite losing a Hall of Fame coach and five underclassmen after last season.

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